About Us

About Us


Meet Dr. Rob

Rob Buchkowski, DC is a licensed chiropractor who treats patients of all ages.   He has been practicing chiropractic since 1999, when he graduated from Life University in the top of his class.  Dr. Rob has extensive experience in rehabilitating a variety of conditions, including disc conditions, neck and back pain, joint pain, and headaches, among others.  He utilizes a variety of adjusting and physical therapy techniques to provide the highest level of individualized care for each patient.  Dr. Rob began receiving chiropractic care as a young child.  Once a week, his parents would put all five siblings in the car and head off to the family chiropractor.  Today, those five children are all chiropractors and dedicated chiropractic patients.  Dr. Rob began practicing chiropractic in Cumming, GA in 1999 and in 2004 opened his own practice in Cartersville, GA where he and his wife live and work.

Our Office

Established in 2004, North Georgia Spinal Care is conveniently located in the West End Commons Shopping Center off of Henderson Drive.  With a well-lit parking lot, plenty of easily accessible parking spaces, and a variety of restaurants, shops, and other professional businesses, the shopping center is a great location for our family-friendly office.   We offer a relaxed atmosphere, personalized service, and the appropriate x-ray technology and chiropractic equipment to identify and treat a variety of conditions.      


Services and TREATMENT

The most common treatment used by chiropractors is called a spinal manipulation or a chiropractic adjustment.   This is what some refer to as “having their back cracked” or “getting their neck popped”.  In reality, a spinal manipulation uses a controlled force to a joint to restore joint mobility.  Joints can become “stuck” or have reduced mobility for a number of reasons, and a chiropractic adjustment is a drug-free way to help improve joint function and allow the surrounding tissues to heal.

Dr. Rob uses a combination of hands-on adjusting techniques as well as special instruments and tables to treat each patient depending on their individual condition or injury.  In addition to spinal manipulations, there are therapies that can help with pain relief and speed the healing of soft tissue injuries.  In our office, Dr. Rob uses electrical muscle stimulation, heat and ice therapy, cervical and lumbar traction, and trigger point therapy to aid in the recovery process. 

Supplies And Supplements

The right supplies can make a big difference in your recovery and continuing health.  We stock high quality ice packs, topical creams such as Professional BioFreeze and Cryoderm Magnesium Calming Cream, portable TENs units, affordable orthotic inserts, and cervical pillows to help you get the most out of your chiropractic experience.  We also carry a wide selection of our favorite vitamins, protein powders and bars, organic green super-foods, and probiotics to support a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to ask us for recommendations!